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Are you passionate about advocating for others with Type 1 diabetes? Type 1 Together is an entirely volunteer-run group and we would not exist without the contributions of many individuals.

If you have a specific skill set, or are willing to take on a leadership role on a project, we encourage you to get involved!

We need help with:

Project leadership – We’re looking for advocacy leaders who are willing play a leadership role. Whether you find a project on our Advocacy Priorities section that inspires you or whether you have your own idea you would like to bring forward, Type 1 Together benefits from advocacy leaders at all levels, from local communities to province-wide to national leadership.

Managing and moderating social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) – Do you have experience with social media? We are looking for volunteers to assist with our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Web/graphic design – We’re looking for individuals with web and/or graphic design experience to provide feedback and insight into our website, social media, newsletters, posters, and any other material we may create.

Newsletter editors – We are looking for a team of individuals who could work together to send out a newsletter summarizing news from Type 1 Together and elsewhere relevant to Canadians with Type 1 diabetes.

Francophones – We want to offer information, resources, and advocacy support in both English and French. We need volunteers who speak French who can help maintain our French site and social media accounts (Type 1 Ensemble).

Spread the word! – If you’re not able to help with any of the above areas, you can still help us out by spreading the word about joining Type 1 Together to others with Type 1 diabetes.

Imagine if, one day, everyone with Type 1 diabetes in Canada were connected. We can only accomplish that with your help!

If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the Contact Us section to get in touch.